Obtain A Burn Permit


Residential burning only, no commercial burning permitted.

Burn Permit Required: A permit is required anytime the burn pile size exceeds 4’ x 4’ x 3’ in height. No burn pile shall exceed 10’ x 10’ x 6’ in height. Requests for a burn permit shall be made no less than 24 hours in advance of the burn date. There is no fee for a burn permit.

Types of Material: Only natural vegetation may be burned, piles are to be hand-stacked. Burning garbage is illegal and is strictly prohibited.

Land Clearing: Land clearing burning is prohibited effective July 1, 2008.

Fire Break: A structure and vegetation free zone of 5 times the width of the pile must be in place. No fires are to be within 50 feet of structures.

Equipment: A water supply capable of extinguishment of the pile shall be provided (a minimum of twenty (20) gallons water or a hose capable of delivering water). One responsible person capable of extinguishing the fire must be in attendance while the fire is burning.

Nuisance: It you create too much smoke from a fire and are a nuisance to your neighbors, you must put the fire out or otherwise do something to reduce the smoke.

Wind Limitations: If organic debris or embers are being redistributed by the wind the fire must be put out.

Hauled in Material: Burning of material that has been hauled in from another area is strictly prohibited.

Burn Barrels: The use of barrels for burning is prohibited in all areas of the District.

Burn Bans: Burn bans may be in effect throughout the year due to extreme fire hazard conditions or poor air quality conditions. These burn bans are put into effect by Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, King County Fire Marshal’s Office, Washington State Fire Marshal’s Office or The Fire District. During such bans, no outdoor burning shall occur.

No Burn Areas: Burning is specifically prohibited in urban areas. (Map). Maple Valley Heights area, north of and including the power line easement, is designated as a CO maintenance area; State law and PSCAA regulations both prohibit outdoor burning in this area. (MAP) The exception is “Recreational, Ceremonial and Cooking Fires.”

Recreational, Ceremonial, & Cooking Fires: These types of fires must not exceed 2’x 2’ wide and must be 2’ deep, only use natural wood or charcoal and are allowed in all areas, providing there is no temporary burn ban in effect.

Permittee must also comply with RCW 52.28 and WAC 173-425.