Welcome to the holiday season! First and foremost I would like to thank everyone who came out and voted in the November election. Maple Valley Fire and Life Safety passed our levy lid lift, we appreciate your continued support of this great department.

For the first three weekends in December, you will see the Jerry Woods Holiday Engine at your local grocery stores as well as driving through your neighborhoods. We are proud to continue our efforts in helping out the Maple Valley Food Bank collect food and donations for the community. Santa has been spotted on the fire engine and is rumored to be handing out candy canes. Keep an eye out for us!

Thanks to all of you who showed up to the Make a Difference day. It was very well attended; the community support for this event is incredible.

A reminder as we move into the cold weather months of the year. First, if your power goes out and you have a generator, do not run it indoors, or even inside of your garage. Along with your smoke detectors, you need to have carbon monoxide (CO) alarms installed in your home. Second, please remember that if you are running a space heater that you do not plug it into a power strip, plug the heater directly into a wall outlet. If your neighborhood does lose power, please make sure that you check on any elderly or vulnerable neighbors that you may have to ensure that they are doing well.

From our family here at the Maple Valley Fire Department to yours, happy holidays.

– Chief Aaron Tyerman