Welcome to Fall. I would like to provide all of you an update to what will be happening on October 1st at Maple Valley Fire and Life Safety transitions into the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority. At 0800 on Monday October 1st Maple Valley Fire and Life Safety will have all our operations taken over by Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority. This transition is a result of the contract for service that was signed on May 31st of this year. As a citizen of Fire District 43 (Maple Valley) you will continue to see the same high level of service that we have provided over the years.

In joining Puget Sound Fire, we will also see added services such as Public Education, a full time Public Information Officer, and a FD CARES unit that will be able to address our low acuity calls and ensuring that people in our communities are receiving the appropriate services that they need. Our apparatus will look as they do now, as well as our stations. We are excited about this new partnership with Puget Sound Fire and improving our services to our community. Please do not hesitate getting a hold of us if you have any questions.