Welcome to summer!

I would like to provide all of you an update for the Maple Valley Fire Department. On May 31 st
the Honorable Board of Fire Commissioners signed a contract for service with the Puget Sound Regional
Fire Authority. What does this mean, and why did it happen?

Over the last several years, our fire department, like most, have had financial struggles that we
have been trying to overcome. My job as your Fire Chief is to be as fiscally responsible as possible.
Throughout the last several years, many fire districts have consolidated with other fire districts in order
to save money. Maple Valley Fire has been looking for ways to trim our budget without sacrificing
critical services to all of you. The only solution that made sense was to contract for service with another

What will the new department look like? You should see very little difference in day to day
operations. The firefighters on the street will have a different patch on their uniform; however, the fire
engines and the fire station will continue to say “Maple Valley Fire”. We will continue to be involved in
community events, station tours, and public meetings like we always have. With this contract, you will
now have a full time public information officer, public educator, and a low acuity response unit meant to
get the appropriate help to our 9-1-1 callers who do not need to be seen in an emergency room. I will
continue to be the liaison for Maple Valley Fire Department, our commissioners will continue to meet
once a month, and business will run as usual in the background. Our Reserve program, (formerly
volunteers) will continue to play a vital role here in Maple Valley.

I look forward to this new relationship with PSRFA, and the exciting opportunities that it brings
to our community. Thank you for the continued support of your fire department.

Chief Aaron Tyerman